Tiny Tumble

Ages: 3 – 4

Prerequisites: None

Skills Instructed: Forward roll, backward roll, handstand, cartwheel

Tumbling FUNdamentals

Ages: 5 and older

Prerequisites: None

Skills Instructed: Handstand, Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Cartwheel, Bridge, Backbend


Ages: 5 and older

Prerequisites: Handstand, Cartwheel, Bridge, Backbend

Skills Instructed: Roundoff, Front Limber, Backbend Kickover, Front Walkover, Back Walkover


Ages: 5 and older

Prerequisites: Front Walkover & Back Walkover OR Aged 12+ w/ controlled Roundoff Rebound

Skills Instructed: Standing Back Handspring (Double), Roundoff Back Handspring (Double)


Ages: 5 and older

Prerequisites: Standing Back Handspring, Roundoff Double Back Handspring

Skills Instructed: Standing Tuck, Roundoff Back Handspring (Double) To Tuck

Layouts & Fulls

Ages: 5 and older

Prerequisites: Standing Tuck, Roundoff Double Back Handspring To Tuck

Skills Instructed: Roundoff (Double) Back Handspring To Layout, Roundoff (Double) Back Handspring Full (Single & Double)