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Our programs are created with your child’s success as our primary goal! Kids, Teens & Parents all find that our gym is the Safest, Most Effective and most importantly, the Most Fun place to develop new skills and build friendships that last a lifetime.

It’s so much more than just a sport!


All classes are taught by our team of professional educators and coaches. Our proven system of teaching and guiding our athletes to success will help your child fall in love with cheer as their skills increase on a weekly basis.

TINY TUMBLE- Tiny tumble engages kids 2-4 years of age looking to learn coordination, terms, social skills and body awareness while having fun!

TUMBLING FUNDAMENTALS - Tumbling FUNdamentals focuses on the foundation of all tumbling skills and instills proper technique from the start. This class will perfect and provide proper technique in forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, bridges, and backbends. These fundamentals provide longevity in each child's long term tumbling goals!

WALKOVERS - Walkovers further develop the student's backbend by kicking over and front limber by standing up. Eventually making a fluid skill creating a back walkover and front walkover. The class also focuses on combining skills to create a variety of tumbling passes.

HANDSPRINGS - Handsprings develop a proper sit, significant jump back, pop off the shoulders, and snap down to the ground to create a standing handspring. Once a standing handspring is achieved there will be a connection of a roundoff to the handspring with proper technique. The ultimate goal for students achieving standing double handspring and round off double handspring.

TUCKS - Tucks develop a proper approach, set, and form. They will rotate back keeping their head in a neutral position while keeping toes and knees tucked in to prepare for proper landing. Once a standing tuck is understood, the instructor will develop a connection of a roundoff tuck and into a roundoff handspring tuck with proper technique in a running tumbling skill. The ultimate goal for students achieving standing triple handspring and roundoff double handspring tuck.

LAYOUTS - Layouts develop a hollow body position with significant height and body control that connects to a roundoff handspring. There will be proper technique in keeping their head down and body strong. Each student's ultimate goal will be to achieve a roundoff handspring layout. Specialty skills such as a whip are also instructed in this class.

FULLS - The Fulls class will further develop on the technique behind a students layout, while introducing twisting drills. Learning how to twist and rotate from a standing position as well as from a running tumbling, the ultimate goal is a standing and a running full twisting layout.

JUMPS - Jumps will instruct students on proper arm placements in their jumps as well as core body strength to lift and rotate their legs. Strength and conditioning will be provided to ensure each student is jumping and snapping their legs back down with feet landing together. T-jumps, toe touches, hurdlers, and pikes will be incorporated in the drills for the class.

FLYER - Flyer class is not just for flyers, but all athletes! Students will work on the body's flexibility, stretching, and balance. They also will work on all of their splits and pull body positions on stunt stands such as libs, heel stretches, bows, scales, and scorpions. Shoes are required for this class.

STRETCHING - Our stretching class focuses on creating more flexibility in an athlete's shoulders, back, hip flexors and hamstrings. With the goal of gaining or increasing full splits.

CONDITIONING - Our conditioning class will focus on building overall strength for each athlete by challenging their ability each month when we increase  the amount of repetitions. The stronger each of our athletes become, the easier they should obtain new tumbling skills while keeping their bodies safe.

BASE & BACK - Instructing each student to properly and safely understand how to support their flyer. They will work on grips, planting their feet and successfully lifting their flyer. All while focusing on the technique needed by each person underneath the flyer.




Important info:  Most of our members attend class twice per week (which is ideal for learning), however, during the web special, you may enroll in one class per week.



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