Class Policies & Pricing

We offer amazing instructional cheer and tumbling classes with different program options. Pricing is based on which program you choose. Conveniently, students may enter our program at any time, as we do not run sessions.

New Member Special

We understand that a tumbling is a commitment! We offer a new member special that will allow your child to take 4 consecutive weeks of 1 class for only $75! Find our class schedule and registration right through our website: We know you'll be unbelievably satisfied with you child's progression that it will be a no brainer to continue your child's enrollment in our class program!

Automatic Membership Enrollment

All new member week specials will automatically be enrolled into the class membership of $100/month once their new member special has been completed unless a cancellation is provided during the new member special.

Automatic Monthly Payments

The credit card/bank account on file will automatically be charged the 1st of each month. Each student will be enrolled based on the program you have chosen. Changes may be made to your credit card at any time through the parent portal. A payment receipt will be emailed to the billing contact’s email address on file.

Membership Fees

Although all memberships begin with our primary $100/month option, we do offer other class program options too. All families are required to add a credit card or bank account on file to their account, no matter which program you choose. No cash or check payments are accepted for our class programs.

4 tumbling classes & 2 supplemental classes per week - $200/month (or $700 up front - savings of $100)

3 tumbling classes & 2 supplemental classes per week - $170/month (or $600 up front - savings of $80)

2 tumbling classes & 1 supplemental classes per week - $140/month (or $500 up front - savings of $60)

1 tumbling class & 1 supplemental class per week - $100/month (or $375 up front - savings of $25)

*Ages 2-4 Memberships do not include the supplemental class(es) until they are 5 years of age.

Member Discounts

As a member of our class program, discounts are provided member-exclusive pricing for events, clinics, camps, and open gyms!

Sibling Discounts

If you have 1 child signed up for our membership, your 2nd child will receive 10% off their membership, and your 3rd+ child(ren) will receive 20% off their membership(s).

Cancel Your New Member Special

In order to cancel my new member special, I need to email [email protected] directly while my child is still enrolled in the new member special. After an exit survey is completed, I will be sent the cancellation form to avoid being automatically enrolled into the $100/month membership.

Cancel Your Membership

Memberships can be cancelled any time and must provide a minimum of a 30 day notice. Email [email protected] if you would like to cancel your membership. We appreciate feedback with reasoning for the cancellation. If a family cancels their membership and sign up again in the future, there will be an additional registration fee (see below.)

Registration Fee

There is a $100 registration fee for families that have become inactive in order to reactivate their family to be able to sign up for a class program.


No child will be permitted to join a class more than 10 minutes late. The first 10 minutes of class all students run, warm up, stretch, and get their blood flowing so they are safe to begin the drills of the class.


If your child will be absent from class, please submit the absence in the parent portal. If a child is absent 3 consecutive times from a specific class, their enrollment will be removed. The child can only be re-enrolled back into the same class if there are spots available.

Special Events

Fees are due at the time of registration for all special events including, but not limited to birthday parties (only a $50 deposit for birthday parties), camps, clinics, and open gyms. No refunds are provided for special events as we only have so many spots available for students and registering keeps that spot held for your child specifically.

Leveling Evaluations

We closely monitor student's progression and skills to ensure they are on the right track in our tumbling program. Consistent communication will be provided. lass, they will contact the Shift Director to have the child evaluated at the end of that month. If you feel your child is ready to move up to the next class, please contact the Shift Director directly and they will schedule your child’s evaluation the last of that month.

Wait Lists

  1. We monitor our waiting lists daily and the system notifies us of an opening for a class with wait listed students.
  2. It is difficult to estimate how long you will be on the waiting list.  Class openings depend on students transferring out of the class, for various reasons, to make room for new students.  Sometimes customers are on a waiting list for a day, sometimes for months.  We encourage you to enroll in another available class time and wait list for your ideal class time so that your child can still participate in the meantime.  If none of our available class times work for you, register for the wait list on as many class times you could do to increase your chances of getting into one of them.
  3. If an opening in a class becomes available, the office will email you.  You will have 24 hours to respond and let us know which program you would like to enroll in before we move on to the next person on the waiting list or open that spot to the public.
  4. You are not charged anything to remain on a waiting list.
  5. You can check your account or register events at any time through your customer portal. You won’t see your waiting lists in your customer portal.

The following holidays and events are taken into consideration when making our class schedule and calendar. The gym will be closed the following dates. There are no refunds or money back given for classes that fall on a date we are closed. If you are in your 6 week special and the day of your class is on a day we are closed, it is not counted against your consecutive 6 weeks.


Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day


Thanksgiving Day

Holiday Break: December 24 - December 26 & December 31 - January 1


We solely communicate via email on all matters, so please check the email provided on your account regularly. We do not make phone calls to communicate unless we are calling families back from a voicemail message. You may contact us via email or via phone at any time. Office hours run Monday thru Thursday only so if you contact us on the weekend, please give us time to contact you back by Monday afternoon/evening.

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