5 Marway Circle Suite 2
Rochester, NY 14624
4342 Pondside Plaza
Geneseo, NY 14454
5 Marway Circle Suite 2
Rochester, NY 14624
4342 Pondside Plaza
Geneseo, NY 14454
5 Marway Circle Suite 2
Rochester, NY 14624
4342 Pondside Plaza
Geneseo, NY 14454

Our Staff


Lisa Huck

Gym Owner

"I have been in the corporate business world for nearly 35 years. However, nothing compares to offering a business that allows athletes of all ages to do something they love. I want them to work hard and believe in themselves. I believe in safety and proper progression for the kids to feel confident. One of the best parts of owning this business is having my children work with me and show the same passion for children as I do. I pride myself in being willing to help them to be their best selves and be a small part of their lives."


Christopher FURNACE

Director of Operations

"Working for non-child related industries through my career, once I came on board to Dynamic Elite Athletics, it has really helped open my eyes to this amazing industry that assist kids in reaching their goals! There's something so joyous of watching a child achieve their tumbling skill for the first time or a cheer stunt group hitting a new difficult skill that they've been working towards that truly brightens your day. Providing an environment where kids belong, feel safe, and are comfortable to set goals and allow us to help them achieve it, is such a rewarding feeling. We are honored to be able to serve the Rochester area for all things tumbling and cheer related and cannot wait to continue to help more and more kids reach their goals!"



Program Director

"The best part of coaching is witnessing the progression that every athlete makes. When they walk through the door for their first class or practice, I know all the benefits that they will gain while obtaining new skills as well as confidence. Being a part of their development and growth in life makes each day brand new. Seeing where an athlete begins and where they end up from listening to instruction makes me excited to help them reach their potential."


Coach Angela

Shift Director & All Star Team Coach

"I love being able to have the opportunity to make a positive difference in a child's life. Working here at dynamic has given me that opportunity and I love watching these athletes grow not only with their tumbling but with their mindset as well. I love being apart of the Dynamic family!!!"


Coach Erica

Shift Director & All Star Team Coach

"I begged my mother to do cheerleading at the age of 8. After continuously telling me I was too young, finally she let me and I’ve never stopped since. I fell in love with cheerleading and all its aspects. I cheered at many different gyms including TopGun Allstars, but Dynamic Elite is my home and something we can all call a family. I strive to teach determined athletes to reach their goals and hopefully one day be as passionate about cheerleading as I am."


Coach Ally

All Star Cheer Coordinator, All Star Team Coach & Class Instructor

"I am extremely passionate about helping my athletes at the gym. I love to watch then learn from their mistakes, enjoy their success, make goals, work together and create everlasting bonds with their teammates and coaches. The more I put in to these athletes, the more I can get out of them. I love pushing them to their limits and breaking them out of their comfort zones. I have always said that as a coach you can't teach passion... but the passion that you exude at every single practice is what leaves a lasting impression on the athletes."


Coach Sammi

All Star Team Coach

"Cheerleading has been a part of my life for over twenty years. I am passionate in this sport and I want to show these athletes how cheerleading has changed my life. I put everything I have to make these athletes become better cheerleaders and grow in life. I am determined to give them confidence in what they can do. My ultimate goal is to have these athletes love what they do and look forward to coming to DEA. I give each athlete attention, dedication, and positivity. I hope to change their lives like they have changed mine for the better!"


Coach Marissa

All Star Team Coach

"I would say that what drives me the most about working with the kids at DE is how happy each athlete is to just be there. They're all so supportive of one another, no matter what and it's so refreshing to see. These kids are some of the most hard working that I've ever come across and I love seeing them progress each day that I'm there. Watching other kids fall in love with the sport you dedicated your life to is honestly the greatest thing."


Coach Anabelle

Class Instructor & All Star Team Coach

“I’ve been cheerleading for about 14 years now and the love that I have for this sport is indescribable. Being a current cheerleader myself, it helps me understand the athletes better and how to help them. I started working with children when I was 13 and ever since I have absolutely loved it. I love seeing how hard they work and when they get new skills, how excited they get. The relationships I create is just a bonus, I love knowing about the children and what they do personally, outside of cheerleading. It just helps me, help them even more. If I can make a difference in a child’s life and make them better at what they love to do, I have accomplished my goal.”


Coach Sierra

All Star Team Coach

“Hi My name is Sierra and I have been coaching for 6 years and cheering for 14 years! Cheerleading is a huge part of my life and has made me into the person I am today! I hope to give every athlete the same confidence in themselves that cheer has given me. Helping the youth in my community has always been a passion of mine, and I not only see myself as a coach but a mentor to every athlete I work with. I want every athlete I work with to not only grow as an athlete but enjoy coming to the gym so that they gain a true passion for the sport! Cheerleading is such a powerful sport to teach children dedication, confidence and most of all to have FUN! I hope to give athletes at DEA the skills to be successful and to continuously improve and better themselves in the sport we all love ! I’m excited to join the DEA family and to being able to make a positive impact in our cheer community!”


Coach Helen

Class Instructor & All Star Team Coach

“Hi! I'm Coach Helen! Cheer has been a big part of my life since I was 10 years old. Now, having a daughter in cheer and having the opportunity to coach, has turned a hobby into my passion. Watching my athletes grow from day one, not only in their skills, but in life, is my greatest joy. Seeing them succeed in accomplishing their goals, gain strength and confidence, and build friendships, is why I do this. I have always looked at my athletes as my kids. We are not just a group and more than a team...we are family.”


Coach Kristine

Class Instructor & All Star Team Coach

“I love the excitement an athlete feels when they reach their goal, knowing I was a part of it makes it even better!”


Coach Jordan

Class Instructor & All Star Team Coach

“I have been a cheer coach/tumbling instructor for 4 years now. I am a NCAA Division 2 National and Collegiate champion coach in 2019. I also have experience since I was 8 with tumbling and skills. I have taught all ages if cheer from tiny to college. I enjoy working with children, because I love to see them grow. Not only as cheer leaders or tumblers but young adults. It’s amazing seeing those kids you’ve seen since they were in their first tiny class and grow up in front of your eyes until they graduate! Coaching cheer is a way of life and a family like no other!“



All Star Team Coach & Class Instructor

"Born and raised in the Rochester area Cheerleading has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. I have owned my own gym and worked for various all star and High school programs. I love Teaching athletes that cheerleading is about making a commitment and the long life lessons that it teaches you. I like to focus on creating well-rounded athletes who value respect, leadership, confidence, acceptance, and hard work. My passion has allowed me to pass on that love to my athletes. My athletes will always be considered family to me! As a coach I have always enjoyed seeing my athletes grow and excel into the cheerleaders and adults they are today."



Class Instructor & CheerAbilities Team Coach

"When you find a passion, it is so important to run with it. I have a passion for cheer as well as working with kids. I have been cheering for the past 10 years, and have 3 years of experience as a coach. Being able to assist kids in not only tumbling, but building character is why I love what I do. I aspire to build the passion for tumbling and cheerleading in all the athletes I work with. Weather it be to tumble for fun, make a career out it, or simply set goals and achieve them. Being a former athlete, coach and even parent myself I will ways push my athletes to their full potential on and off the mat, while giving my all into coaching them. Dynamic is not only a gym, but it is a family where all are welcome and loved."



Class Instructor

"Tumbling and gymnastics has been part of my life since I was five years old. I went to school for acrobatics and tumbling for one year and am currently a college cheerleader. I know the feeling of progression and mastering a new skill and I love to help others achieve that. Watching kids grow as athletes and as people is my favorite part of coaching. I’m so blessed to be apart of the DEA family!


Coach Ana

Class Instructor & All Star Team Coach

"Hello, I’m Coach Ana! My passion for Cheerleading has been ever since i was a kid! I cheered for a youth program as a kid and then was a varsity Cheerleader from my Freshmen year until i graduated High School back in 2009. My passion for Cheerleading has still continued to this day! My goal for the kids is to teach them positivity and to make them fall inlove with the sport of Cheerleading as much as i did, and for them to know that we are all one big family. I want to make the kids a better cheerleader than they were the day before! In my eyes every kid is a superstar and every kid has their own special talent. My main goal other than seeing the children succeed is to let them know most importantly is that there is no such thing as IMPOSSIBLE, any goal they set their mind too with hard work, determination, and dedication is obtainable! I look forward to building that bond with not only the children, but their parents as well. I’ve worked with kids since i was a senior in high school volunteering at a daycare with children of all kinds in the weekends. I couldn’t be more excited to have this amazing opportunity to be able to work with and be apart of The DEA Family!"

2022-Steph final

Coach Steph

Class Instructor

"I enjoy cheerleading and watching kids achieve far greater than they could ever imagine. I remember the feeling as an athlete and it was my favorite thing in the world to know that my coaches were just as excited as I was. I love the idea of athletes achieving goals and dreams and me being able to be their biggest fan when they compete for the first time!"

2022 Abby final

Coach Abby

Class Instructor

"I love helping people reach their goals because I love being a part of the reason that people smile!! I love building people up and making them feel confident. It's so exciting to watch people grow and get new skills!! When you reach your goals and your hard work and dedication finally pay off, it is so rewarding and exciting and I love being a part of it!!"

2022 Dana

Coach Dana

Class Instructor

"I love being a part of something bigger than myself, and I could not be happier to have found Dynamic Elite! I found a home here, the only thing better than our compassionate staff is our athletes! I love seeing driven athletes work towards their goals, watching them reach their true potential! It's an honor to be a part of their journey! Having cheered all my life, I will always find pure joy in helping these kids reach their full potential in cheer and beyond; walking in the footsteps of the coaches who guided me!"

2022 Autumn

Coach Autumn

Class Instructor

“I believe that it is a great privilege and honor to be able to teach young cheerleaders and gymnasts as it has been a huge part of my life for over a decade. When I was younger, I remember how excited I felt when I finally gained a new skill and how supportive my coaches and peers were as well. It takes a lot of training and confidence in yourself to be able to learn new skills, but the feeling you get once you achieve your goal is what makes it worth it. I want students to be able to have the same experiences as I did and be able to celebrate reaching their goals in the same way.”

2022 Jaime

Coach Jaime

Class Instructor

"Helping people has always just been natural for me. I was always known as a mother hen when I was a toddler. As I got older, I seen so many tell others they “can’t”. I’ve been told that many times, “You can’t”. I have proved every “can’t” wrong & now put that energy towards helping others prove they can too. I believe everybody can do anything & love proving it. I love the smiles & seeing the confidence with every accomplishment. And combining that with my passion of cheer & tumbling it literally a dream come true for me."

2022 Kayla

Coach Kayla

Class Instructor

"I myself love anything to do with cheer. I love being a part of people reaching their goals! I teach pre-k and the feeling of a child or adult coming into your class with a goal and at the end of the day reaching it and the happiness it brings to their face is well worth all the time and effort put in!"

2023 Kaylie Sage


Class Instructor

"As a future teacher, my whole life will be devoted to assisting students in reaching their goals and dreams. I believe cheerleading can make athletes aware of the amazing things their body can do, as well as build a very important foundation of confidence in themselves. There is no greater reward in life than being a positive part of a child’s successes. Being a coach has combined my passion for providing the support for children to achieve their goals, and my love for the sport of cheerleading!"



All Star Team Coach

"The reason I like helping is because I like to see the magical connection from when they learn what you are teaching them and the moment it clicks for them. I love knowing that I have made a positive impression on someone’s life."

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