Unlimited Class Programs!

Introducing our brand new unlimited class programs! Our class options will now have two programs that we will be offering for your children’s progressional benefit while still using safety as a focal point in our professional facility. The first one is a 7-month program ($134 per month) or our most popular program is the 12-month option ($109 per month), which gives you the most bang for your buck!

Both programs offer unlimited classes, which is convenient for each family to enroll in two main classes per week and be able to drop in to any of the classes we have available spots in! If you feel like stopping into another class, logged into the parent portal and enroll them into a class within their skill set that has an available spot!

All of our classes come with our Power Chats, which go over a different word every month. Each week, the kids will sit down with our instructors and go over examples of the word of the month. This will ensure life skills being taught, which kids can use in their community with their teachers, parents, family, and friends. This is provided from Powerful Words, one of the top character development programs in the country!

We understand that a 12 or 7 month commitment is a lot! We offer a 6 week trial special for only $69 so give us a call or send us an email so we can get you in for your trial classes! We know you’ll be unbelievably satisfied with our child’s progression, that it will be a no brainer to get enrolled into one of our programs! We do expect children to be present for the class the next time it meets, so keep that in mind when you are enrolling. We do not run sessions in our schedule, so you can enroll any time!

We are excited to start these new programs to be able to see your children not only become better athletes, but better people!

Check out more information on our pricing & policies here.

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