Gym Owner – Lisa Huck

Director of Operations – Christopher Huck

Program DirectorCoach Trent

“The best part of coaching is witnessing the progression that every athlete makes. When they walk through the door for their first class or practice, I know all the benefits that they will gain while obtaining new skills as well as confidence. Being a part of their development and growth in life makes each day brand new. Seeing where an athlete begins and where they end up from listening to instruction makes me excited to help them reach their potential.”

Class Instructors

Coach Cheyenne

“Coming to Dynamic Elite Athletics was one of the best decisions I had ever made for myself as an athlete. Dynamic has taught me  life lessons, given me confidence and a family all at once. I love being able to share my love for cheer and DEA with all of our young athletes. There is no better feeling than to see an athlete achieve a goal and begin radiating confidence. When an athlete walks through our doors I want them to walk out knowing that nothing is impossible. Dynamic helped my conquer so many fears and achieve endless dreams, I would love for so many more to have the amazing experience that I had here at DEA.”

Coach Jess

“The best part about working at Dynamic is seeing all the athletes walk in with smiles on their faces. I love having the athletes run up to me, hug me, jump on me, all while screaming and telling me what they did the night before or what they just ate before they came here. The athletes and coaches at this gym all have such a great bond that it makes coming to work fun. We truly are a huge family. I can not wait to get to the gym to see my team or my athletes in my classes. Cheerleading is a huge passion of mine, along with teaching young children. Seeing an athlete achieve a goal is one of the best feelings ever. I want to make a life long impression on my athletes teaching them to never give up and to always have fun!”

Coach Erin

“Growing up and being a part of the cheerleading world, I have grown to have an abundance amount of passion for the sport. Being a coach will let me share that passion and make it so the children could potentially love it as much as I do. When it comes to cheerleading many new skills are taught everyday, and as their coach I am honored to be able to watch these kids grow and learn everyday. The first day of practice is always the scariest for anyone and my goal is to make it so by the last practice of the season these children walk away with confidence, pride and feeling like they accomplished great things.”

Coach Madi

“I have always loved working with kids and have enjoyed every setting I have had that opportunity to do so. I especially love working at DEA because the facility and instructors really love the kids and gives them such a great way to grow both in their skills and as people. My favorite part is always watching the way a child’s eyes light up when they finally get that skill they’ve been working on.”

Coach Mara

“I enjoy working with the kids at Dynamic because I personally did not have a good experience when I was learning my tumbling, when I finally got proper coaching (from Dynamic) they fixed it and I am so very thankful for that. For that reason I do not want kids to struggle with getting skills on their own I want to help guide them to success. Dynamic Elite has helped me grow so much, not only as an athlete but as a person; the coaches here really create a strong bond with their students to make it a comfortable environment and I believe that is the right way to coach an athlete.”

Coach Marlon

“I came into the world of allstar cheerleading in 2010 and have been in OBSESSED with it ever since. Throughout the years I have learned so many things, not only as an athlete but also as a coach. My favorite part of coaching is being able to bring the best out of all the kids I have the pleasure of working with. Watching them grow not only in their sport but personally as well. It is the most rewarding feeling anyone can experience.”

Coach Bree

“Growing up I was always told to find my passion, and follow it. I have always been very enthusiastic about cheerleading since the age of 11.  Becoming an athlete allowed me to follow my passion. Watching athletes find their own passion in cheer, overcoming fears, reaching goals, and achieving new skills all while feeling supported and motivated is my favorite part about being an instructor. My overall goal is to assist athletes in realizing that they are capable of anything they put their mind to. Coaches have a forever impact on athletes, and I aspire to make a positive impact on the athletes here at DEA.”

All Star Team Coaches

Coach Sammi

“Cheerleading has been apart of my life for over twenty years. I am passionate in this sport and I want to show these athletes how cheerleading has changed my life. I put everything I have to make these athletes become better cheerleaders and grow in life. I am determined to give them confidence in what they can do. My ultimate goal is to have these athletes love what they do and look forward to coming to DEA. I give each athlete attention, dedication, and positivity. I hope to change their lives like they have changed mine for the better!”

Coach Ally

“I am extremely passionate about helping my athletes at the gym. I love to watch then learn from their mistakes, enjoy their success, make goals, work together and create everlasting bonds with their teammates and coaches. The more I put in to these athletes, the more I can get out of them. I love pushing them to their limits and breaking them out of their comfort zones. I have always said that as a coach you can’t teach passion… but the passion that you exude at every single practice is what leaves a lasting impression on the athletes.”

Coach Marissa

“I would say that what drives me the most about working with the kids at DE is how happy each athlete is to just be there. They’re all so supportive of one another, no matter what and it’s so refreshing to see. These kids are some of the most hard working that I’ve ever come across and I love seeing them progress each day that I’m there. Watching other kids fall in love with the sport you dedicated your life to is honestly the greatest thing.”

Coach Liz

“Since moving to Rochester and joining DEA as an instructor, Coach Liz has felt like this gym was the missing piece she was looking for. She loves working with each athlete, in tumbling classes and all-star practices alike, and strives to create a supportive, fun, and loving environment that makes each child feel like DEA is a home away from home. She does her best to make each athlete’s participation in this gym a positive learning experience by emphasizing skill development and progression, team building, and character building. She strives to be a positive role model in each athlete’s life and does her best to help athletes overcome challenges and face fears. Coach Liz is beyond grateful to have the opportunity to help athletes grow not only as cheerleaders and tumblers, but also as future leaders. She cannot wait to see how the gym will grow and is privileged to be a coach that gets to work with such dedicated, talented, and kind athletes.”

Coach Ashton

“Each week, I look forward to coming to the gym and seeing my athletes grow and develop new skills. It is so rewarding to watch these athletes love cheerleading the way I have for so many years. The passion I have for cheerleading has only grown since becoming a coach in Season 4! Being able to coach these athletes, and help them grow as individuals is the greatest job I could have asked for. Each practice and class is a new challenge, and it is all worth it watching the smile come across the athletes face when they develop and perfect a new skill. Being apart of their journey and developments is one of my greatest blessings!”

Birthday Party Host & Hip-Hop Instructor

Coach Jameelah

“Hello everyone, my name is Jameelah Barnes I am very excited to be a part of the Dynamic Elite team. Since the year of 2007, I always had a passion to work with children of all ages. I am a 2017 graduate from SUNY Empire state college, I earned my degree in the concentration of Early Child Hood Studies. I love teaching and guiding children to learn.”